our vineyards

our vineyards

Strofilia consistently invests in its vineyards and produces wines from native and international varieties. Core value of our company is to limit the environmental pollution from our production activities and saving human and natural resources. A conscious choice is also the establishment of long-lasting and honest partnerships with the wine-growers of the regions where it operates, as well as its wider participation in the local community.

Strofilia has privately owned and collaborating vineyards, in three main areas:

  • in Anavyssos of Attica Region, where it has its first historical location and its first winery. The surrounding vineyards the Savatiano white wine is mainly cultivated, which is perfectly adapted to the dry and warm climate of Attica. The vineyards of the area are usually old, with a “cup” shape, with small high yields areas and high potential, while in the last 10-15 years younger growers experiment with other varieties.In the privately-owned vineyard 35st. next to the winery, Malagousia and Asyrtiko are grown in a well-established linear system of shaping, showing very good fit and expressing the typical characteristics of the land. 
  • in Asprokambos in Nemea, where it has installed its second winery since 2000. The winegrowers who are working since 1993 belong mainly to the mountainous communities of the Protected Designation of Origin NEMEA, Psari, Asprokambos, Kefalari and Bozika. Of course, the cultivation of Agiorgitiko is prevalent, but for the last 20 years, other Greek and international varieties have been successfully tested. The vines that were planted after 1980 are mainly formed in a linear supported system, with a high stem wall for improved grape maturation. The harvest in this zone, where the altitude starts at 600m. and can reach 900m., is happening about 2 weeks after the plain land of Nemea and can continue until the first ten days of October, depending on the variety and weather conditions of the year. The vineyards of the company in this mountainous land exceeds 80str. in seven different regions, with additional 40str. on the slopes of Archaia Nemea. The varieties that are cultivated, except of Agiorgitiko, include Malagousia, Asyrtiko, Moschato and other international white and red varieties. 
  • in Mamousia in Aegialia, where Strofilia has been working with local winegrowers since 1992. On the plateau - which is "hanging" at an altitude of 750m. above the Corinthian Gulf, and where it is claimed that ancient Kyrenia was there too - they cultivate more than 500str. with the typical local variety of red Roditis. The north winds from the country’s opposite mountain, as well as the effect of the nearby mountainous areas of the Peloponnese, are balanced by the effect of the Corinthian sea volume, in order to achieve satisfactory ripeness with a balanced acidity during late September and early October.

LYRA system

In more than 100str. of the above vineyards, the shaping of the stem wall in the LYRA system is applied. This solution has been proposed since the 1990s, by the French professor CARBONNEAU and the Australian SMART, as the best quality option for the temperate climates.

Achilles Lampsidis has made extensive experiments since 2002 in Arch. Nemea, in Asprokambos, and in Psari, trying to find a solution to the excessive liveliness of vineyards in Nemea. The application of the LYRA system in practice showed optimal control of the plant liveliness, with a 50% reduction on the average size of the bunch, without increasing the total production per strema.

Due to the 50% increase in the exposure of the surface of the stem wall per kilo of a grape, the resulting improvement in the biological balance of the plant has also a very positive effect on the quality of the produced wines. Of course, the use of the system in other vineyards and the experimental application with scientific guidance requires the scientific evaluation of the data that Strofilia has.

Worthy is the wooden table
the white wine with the spot of sun.

Odysseus Elytis, Axion Esti (Worthy it is)