our story

our story


The two friends (and electrical engineers colleagues) Yiannis Maltezos and Achilleas Lampsidis decide to try work within the viticulture by replanting Yianni’s family estate in Anavyssos, Attica, which was left behind due to phylloxera which destroyed it in 1956.


After a long study, they decided to try international wine making varieties and thus (under the guidance of Mr. Thanasis Lakes) grafted the 25 hectares of red Cabernet Sauvignon & white Ugni blanc. 


With the help of French and German books, they have their first harvest at the winepress of Maltezos family, built next to their house since 1864. The next year, the positive appreciation of Mr. Sotiris Sotiropoulos of the Wine Institute for the quality of these wines, as well as the enthusiastic response of the first consumers (of course, mainly friends!), gave them the courage to continue as expert viticulture winegrowers. They gave the name “Strofilia” to their wines, from the traditional hand-operated wine press of the Maltezos family used in winemaking, and the first label is designed by the architect, Achilleas’ brother, George.


In November, they dare to take the next step: they inaugurate together with Sami Gavrielidis (a friend of Achilleas from the Technical University of Athens), Takis Leventis (a friend of Yiannis from the Karlsruhe University) and the financing of the printing and publishing E.P.E FORM, the "Wine Bar STROFILIA" at Karytsi Square in the center of Athens. It is the first Greek wine bar, where - thanks to the enthusiastic response of the Athenians - the major upheaval in the wine market has been triggered by the appearance of the first "small producers" and their gradual prevalence in the quality market.


They build in the vineyard of Anavyssos with their own hands (except for the concrete elements) their first winery. Its design includes, for the first time, forecasts for handling grape - must - wine with passive cooling systems. Their chemist friend, Stavros Koroneos, is observing the oenological department.


The company is transformed into SA, with the valuable addition as a third partner of the chemical engineer Vasilis Vlachos, who is in charge of the oenological department since 1991. Yiannis’ sister, Areti, is in charge of the accounting department, the first three partners in the winery (Tasos Lakes, Stelios Antonatos & Lazaros Stavropoulos) are hired, and the creation of Strofilia winery is in progress where Patitiria Anavyssos were.


They take the lead (with the wineries: Katogi Averof - Antonopoulos Vineyards - Mercouri Estate and Santa Maura) with the establishment of a joint subsidiary winery (OKTANA SA), in order to make full use of the mountainous vineyard of Asprokampos in the O.P.A.P Zone in Nemea area with its high substantial growth potential. The winery operated for the first time on the vine harvest of 2000.


As the above cooperation continues, the wineries of Strofilia and Katogi Averof are merged into one company, the KATOGI AND STROFILIA S.A. In the next two years, they buy the shares of the rest wineries in OKTANA and they merge it into a common scheme, now having three wineries (two of them being in the most mountainous parts of the country). 


The historical Anavyssos vineyard of Strofilia, along with the first small winery are not used anymore as their age and the dense urban environment do not allow replanting or improvement. At the same time, a new vineyard (35 str.) is created in a privately-owned field next to the current Strofilia winery at Patitiria Anavyssou, where the Malagousia and Asyrtiko varieties are planted, showing very good fit and expressing the typical characteristics of the land. 


After 15 years of an harmonious cooperation, it is decided jointly for administrative flexibility reasons- financial management, not to merge the KATOGI - STROFILIA SA, but create two fully independent companies: the one in the North with the Metsovo winery - hotel and the brands Katogi Averof and one in the South with the Strofilia & Octana wineries and brands. The productive and commercial activity of the South is undertaken by the newly established "Strofilia Private Company".

Yannis Ligas, Chemist - Oenologist and Wine Producer, has been assigned by Yannis Maltezos and Achilleas Lamsidis to redesign oenologically all Strofilia's wines as an external partner.


Three years Later, after a successful collaboration, both of Strofilia’s founders invited Yannis Ligas to join their business. He was particularly happy and honored to accept and is now the third partner of Strofilia.

New decade, new challenges!