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Moschofilero, Malagousia

Mediterranean cuisine, seafood, grilled fish, fr

esh salads and pasta. 

Served: Cool (10° - 12° C)


Wine with intense aromas of rose petals and whit

e fleshed fruits. Distinguished for its pleasant, cool and long aftertaste.


After careful selection of the grapes in both th

e vineyard and the winery, vinification is carried out for each variety separately. After the pressing of the grapes, the must is being decanted and followed by the alcoholic fermentation at a temperature of 15° - 17° C. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the new wine remains in contact with the lees for a few weeks.


Moschofilero from Mountainous Arcadia and Malago

usia from Asprokambos mountainous Corinthia.

Arkadia: Vineyards in mountainous Arcadia with a view to the low yield area. The climate of the area is characterized by many rains and snow in the winter, frequent rains and storms in the summer with relatively low temperatures.

Asprokambos: Vineyards in the Stymphalia plateau, in deep, clay, alkaline soils with a lot of calcium carbonate. Their yield does not exceed 900 kg/str. The climate of the area is characterized by cold winter, a lot of rain and snow, cool spring and dry summer, with higher temperatures during the day and cooler in the evenings.