strofilia white

strofilia white

strofilia white
Roditis, Sauvignon Blanc *vegan

An excellent choice for seafood and grilled fish

, while it compliments salads and pasta. It is also an amazing choice when combined with many traditional dishes of the Greek cuisine.

Served: Cool (10° - 12° C)


Green/yellow color.

Fresh and lively aromatic character with strong citrus aromas, with pleasant acidity and gentle aftertaste of herbs.


The vinification takes place separately for each

variety. After careful grading of grapes both in the vineyard and in the winery, a pre-fermentation cryo-extraction is carried out and a slight pressing of the grapes in order to get the first juice. Filtration and inoculation of the grapes with a different strain of yeast is performed for each variety. The fermentation temperature varies from  16° - 18° C and is completed after about 15 days.


Roditis from Mamousia of mountainous Aegialias a

nd Sauvignon Blanc from Asprokambos of mountainous Corinthia.

Mamousia: Vineyards in the region of Aegialia mountain where there is a mild Mediterranean climate with cold but relatively humid winters and hot dry summers without any rain (usually storms).

Asprokambos: Vineyards in the Stymphalia plateau, in deep, clay, alkaline soils with a lot of calcium carbonate. Their yield does not exceed 900 kg/str. The climate of the area is characterized by cold winter, a lot of rain and snow, cool spring and dry summer, with higher temperatures during the day and cooler in the evenings.