Rare Earths Tabouri

Rare Earths Tabouri

Rare Earths Tabouri
Cabernet Franc

Grilled meats, red sauce dishes with aromatic herbs, mild cheese and cold mea

t platters.


Deep red - crimson color, aromas of ripe red fruit, vanilla, with green peppe

r and herbal notes. In the mouth: round, balanced, aromatic, with mild tannins and a pleasant acidity. Long and intense aftertaste.


Pre-fermentation cold maceration, followed by alcoholic fermentation with sel

ected strain of saccharomyces cerevisiae and maceration in moderate temperatures. Maturation in 225-liter barrels made of French oak for 9 months. It was bottled unfiltered.


Asprokambos: Vineyards in the Stymfalia plateau, in deep, clay, alkaline soil

s with a lot of calcium carbonate. Their yield does not exceed 900 kg/str. The climate of the area is characterized by cold winter, a lot of rain and snow, cool spring and dry summer, with higher temperatures during the day and cooler in the evenings. LYRE vine training system, according to Prof. A. Carbonneau, to maximize leaf exposure to sunlight per kg of produced grapes.  Reduced planting density from 4400 to 2300plants/ha, to control vine vigor.