A new generation of Savatiano in our glasses!

Having its historical heritage in the heart of the Attica vineyard, Strofilia is indissolubly connected to the Savatiano and has many years of experience in the vinification of this ancient variety. Desiring to unfold its potential to the maximum, Strofilia decided to proceed with an innovative wine making, which without renouncing the freshness of the young Savatiano exploits the possibilities of aging and the charm that time bestows upon it.

The outgrowth of this effort is the Savatiano Multi-Vintage, a cuvée that we believe will offer a new perspective – after all, blends of vintages are a global trend! – and will enhance the pleasure of this charismatic grape.

Although the individual harvests with their distinct characteristics will always guide us in the final blend composition, the initial release of Savatiano Multi-Vintage includes wines from the vintages of 2023, 2022, and 2021, with the latter two having matured in acacia wood barrels.

The result of this 100% Savatiano is impressive both in the intensity and in the concentration with which yellow fruits, white flowers, butter and herbs such as sage, are graciously expressed.

The round, velvety palate leaves no doubt about the variety, yet touches of lemon leaf, honey and vanilla add an extra complexity while the remarkable acidity enhances freshness and nerve. Finally, we consider the persistent length of flavor and the excellent balance to justify our choice, since they could very hardly be achieved from grapes from a single harvest.

Savatiano Multi–Vintage is a complex, multi-layered wine that will unfold its versatility at any kind of gathering, whether it’s a family dinner, a friends get – together or a fine-dining experience.

Embracing the ever-growing trend for multi-vintage wines, Savatiano Multi – Vintage highlights the varietal’s multifaceted personality, shields it from the uncertainty and volatility of climate change, while crafting a glass of Savatiano, makes it more unique than ever.

Savatiano Multi-Vintage
: Multiple vintages, multiple pleasure!

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