Achilleas Lampsides

Achilleas Lampsides

Achilleas Lampsides
Founder and Winemaker

Electrical engineer graduate from NTUA (1975). Co-founder of Strofilia in 1980, when with  Yiannis Maltezos decide to try work within the viticulture by replanting Yiannis’ family estate in Anavyssos, Attica, which was left behind due to phylloxera which destroyed it in 1956. Since then, he has been working and cooperating with him for the management and administration of Strofilia until today. 

During the 1980s, the wine bar STROFILIA was founded, where the "renaissance" of Greek wine is now available in Athens.

In the 90s, he deals with the expansion of the cooperating vineyards in the Peloponnese and he is captivated by the beauty of mountainous areas of Aegialia and Nemea. Their high quality potential leads to the creation of OKTANA SA, which creates a winery in Asprokambos in 2000. This winery is now 100% owned by Strofilia.

After merging with KATOGI, he returns to viticulture, where he believes there is a serious need for experimentation to improve Greek wines. He currently has about 70 private stremata, where, after many efforts, he cultivates vines with a different stemming system (LYRA) to control liveliness, with excellent results.

Today he continues with the "refreshed" Strofilia, having an active place in the new corporate scheme.

Motto: Good things come to those who wait.